Extended Hiatus & Patreon Freeze

Hello everyone. I’ve got some unfortunate news.

I’m unexpectedly in the process both of moving and jobhunting at the moment, and thus can’t start this chapter on schedule. Once I’m settled down into the new place and routine, and I can be pretty sure I won’t have to interrupt the chapter in the middle, I’ll begin posting pages!

I’m excited for this one. I’ve changed my workflow and it’s going to be a pretty visual chapter. I’m sorry I can’t let you see it yet!

I’m also closing the Patreon for now, as it would be challenging to keep up with while I’m doing all this and because I’m not going to be posting new content to the comic anyway. I might leave it closed for a while too, as I think it might make more sense to wait until I have a higher readership before I put too much more ongoing energy into something like that. Thank you so much to my patrons who have been contributing so far, and I hope you’ll check it out again down the line!

So I can’t give you a specific start date yet for the next chapter, but the best place to keep track of things is twitter.com/nulimbocomic. You’ll probably hear it there first if there’s any progress.

Thanks for your patience!

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3 years ago

Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂